Back from the '90s with love.

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We are
Joie Video’s

We are
Joie Video’s


* Joie Video, noun

We are Florian & Thibaut, based in Paris — France, videogame enthusiasts with a passion for entertainment technology. We hold a special kind of nostalgia for the electronic games of our youth and we want to share it with you. We’ve remodeled and updated these beloved games so that you can enjoy them at their best – exactly how we always wanted them to be.

* Game Boy, noun

A polymorph brick. Popular entertainment for the masses. An indispensable element of the nineties and an emblem of its time. Delicious nostalgia for some, a distant memory of times passed for others; eternal companion for everyone. More than a simple game console, the Game Boy sends videogames into a dimension that brings together the most seasoned tech consumers as well as the amateur Tetris players.




An object of worship, the Game Boy went through the nineties with majesty. Its allure is based on the unique balance of a special equation: the union of a very austere hardware with a software system of infinite possibilities.
Mixing sobriety and resistance, it was an aesthetic revolution. A few colors, a few buttons, its design was straightforward and its familiarity has become iconic. Though the Game Boy bowed out of the fast-moving tech world more than 10 years ago, the Game Boy is still an icon. It is a cultural reference for hours of gaming. The pleasure immediatly experienced when taken in hand, combined with its infinite game catalog, has left it undefeated in the eyes of its users.
However, this masterpiece of entertainment had an imperfection, which at the time of its invention was the compensation of its legendary battery life.
Today, in the era of super-slim powered smartphones, the lack of back lighting would be startling, but it was totally normal during the eighties. Gameboy chose battery life over backlighting – a vital choice in 1989.

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We are working with original edition Game Boys, that we are hunting down and restoring with tenacity ; twenty-five years of faithful service deserves a little youth regeneration ! We have gone deep into the Game Boy system, to install a backlighting feature which allows the gamer to enjoy the device’s classic shades of grey product at its best. And we’ve done all of this with no impact on the battery life. Joie Video, is more than a workshop restoring Game Boys. Our passion, and our mission is to present the Game Boy as it was meant to be played ; with 21st century updates that make it the ultimate vintage gaming experience.

Nintendo GameBoy DMG-01, Designed by Gunpei Yokoï in 1989, updated in 2015 by Joie Vidéo®.


Custom 8-bit Sharp x80 core at 4.19 MHz.
  • We don't need more.


Super special Joie Video's LCD Backlighted screen.
  • 7 LEDs to bring you light
  • 2.6" - 160 x 144 px - 60 fps.


Super special Joie Video SMD.
  • Finally well contrasted.
  • 50 4 shades of grey.


4 AA type batteries for
25 - 30 hours of gameplay.
6V - 0.7W.


Original shell, used (minor scratches) but cleaned IN and OUT with our hands.
  • Made from ABS plastic.
  • Solid as a rock.


*Included : 4 AA batteries, 1 Tetris game and 1 cultural booklet. Shipping cost not included.